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rocket-launchWe are glad to announce that now provides both blogging and social networking . You can not only create WordPress powered blogs (, but also create groups and make friends so that you can interact with other bloggers. You know you are not alone! You can also use your own domain name for your blog!

After comparison, we decided to stay in the open-source track. We prefer scripts licensed through GPL or similar licenses. The LifeType script we used before is not able to meet our expectations, although it is an excellent multi-user blogging system. What we want to add is what our users requested: a networking system, not just a blogging system. So, we go ahead with WordPress+BuddyPress.

Please give us your feedback on our support forum. We will add more and more features based on your feedback.

Change blogging platform from LifeType to WordPress

You may check WP Engine to get a WordPress blog!.

Or check WordPress For Dummies to sharpen your skills with WordPress!

We are in the process of migrating the system from LifeType to WordPress.This is a major upgrade since the birth of in 2005. WordPress will provide a better blogging platform as the development of LifeType is too slow.

Registration and posting is fully functional now [update].  has been temporally disabled. We will post an update once the migration is done (in one or two weeks time). Stay tuned!

We will also add social network to community in March. It will be exciting!! 

[update] A social network for bloggers powered by BuddyPress is now active. You can not only create bloggers, but also create groups and interact with other bloggers.